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Violet Dawn is a were-snake (Burmese Python)
She is ex Russian Naval Infantry
now she is in a were-snake Nest (she is the muscle in the group) in the US
the nest is ordered to hunt and kill wyld creatures tainted with weaver aka androids and cyborgs
the nest is very efficient and methodical, the target usually has no idea whats coming
most plans have Violet dealing a swift, brutal strike 
Violet is quiet and always looking around, searching for threats 
she can be quick to anger when her abilities and questioned 


Blond undercut with long bangs and pale green snake eyes
 photo Hair_zps13692fb3.jpg
she has a fit build and keeps military exercises
likes to wear large russian style jackets with a sash of her metals 
  photo 3250-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Elena-Perminova-Paris-Haute-Couture-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2013_AKS9903_zps1c956b6f.jpg

long boots with fishnets
 photo Bootsandleggings_zps5518033a.jpg

she has snake jewelry on her right hand
it spawns and de spawns her sword at will
 photo d190c8f7-4b7d-4abf-8774-815008993ff6_zpsbe64a210.png photo Sword_zps24f61681.jpg

War form
all her skin is snake skin and her teeth and jaw are elongated 
 photo Warform_zps8ca997eb.jpg photo BurmesePython_zps09752282.jpg
Kyren Kreed is an Ananasi (were-spider)
she is a semi famous MMA kick fighter and she used her fame to start a successful kick boxing studio
with classes ranging from beginner self defence to professional MMA training 

Kyren was tasked from mother spider to remove the vampires in the area
Kyren started to rage war by security rallying the werewolf and local mages using guerrilla warfare and disguised "terrorist attacks"
she became known for crashing vehicles (small planes, cars and boats) 

 photo KyrenKreedSPEdit_zps45750d7a.png

Melo Keshi

Aka Fire Pearl 


Melo is a large Reptile humanoid, lean and muscular and about 7 foot 3 inches. pearly white scales with dark blue stripes and spikes down the spine down to a fin on the large heavy tail. bright red eyes with dark rings around his eyes. Melo is a pirate and wears a black coat with a large collar (without the undershirt and jewlery). Pirate pants, without boots. Utility belt with pistol holster in back. He wears his family's pears around his neck and treasures them. He has massive scars across his chest from being tortured during the war
 photo MeloSP_zps73e781dd.png

Melo is a master Archer, in his military service he earned this bow and quiver. he has a broken flintlock pistol in a holster right above his tail. He keeps a boarding axe on his hip. Melo has a rare genetic ability to spit fire, but it is very small a little more than a lighter.

Melo Keshi's Life


On the Nacre Islands (Image Below), Melo hatched on a warm summer day, the third to hatch of his twelve siblings. Born into the Keshi family, known for there large pearl farms and wealth (for the Laurention). Melo had the family characteristics of while scales with dark blue stripes. He was not piriculary larger or smaller than his sibling but he red eyes made him stand out.

Age 1

Melo can walk on land and swims faster than normal

Age 6

Melo shows strong interest is ships, travelers and faraway lands (rare for Laurentions)

Age 8

Melo and his siblings are attacked by sharks while playing, One of hes sisters is eaten and Melo is saved by a Merfolk

Age 11

Melo befriends a clan of Merfolk and visits them whenever he can

Age 12

Melo and a mermaid, Tek'kail (Image Below) become best friends and are inseparable
Melo discovers his fire-breath but hides it from everyone but Tak'kail

Age 13

Melo is trained in archery to hunt large birds and guard the Keshi pearl farm
Melo meets Tristan FellHaven, a valued pearl trader, and they become fast friends

Age 15

Melo and Tak'kail fall in love and share there first kiss
Melo and Tak'kail start openly dating to the dismay of both parents

Age 16

Melo comes out about his fire-breather to an overjoyed reaction from the community
Melo is revered for his archery/bird hunting skills

Age 17

Rumors are heard about a massive war on the main land called "the Great War" between the Empire and the Kingdom
Tak'kail is excepted by Melo's family

Age 18

Melo is excepted by Tak'kail Family
Melo proposes to Tak'kail
Melo and Tak'kail are openly engaged

Age 19

While patrolling the boarder of the Keshi farm, Melo is surprised by a visit from Tak'kail
soon after, Melo and Tak'kail are captured by Empire scouts
Tak'kail is keep out of water for too long and suffocates to death
Melo is tortured for information on the Nacre Islands, Enraged from Tak'kail's death Melo refuses to speak
The Empire quickly overtakes the unprepared Nacre Islands
A large group of Laurentions escaped to the deep sea with the merfolk, all other Laurentions are captured or killed. All the Laurention's nests and eggs are found and destroyed
Melo and the other captured Laurentions are sent to a mining labor concentration camp with other exotic races

Age 20

Melo witnesses several deaths from exaction, starvation and beatings
Melo is the last surviving Laurentions in the camp and the only survivor of the Keshi family

Age 21

Melo is almost killed in a mine collapse
Melo is wrongfully blamed for the collapse and is beaten and tortured for months

Age 22

A team of Kingdom elite soldiers and spies attack the camp to free the slaves
Melo finds a bow on a dead guard and helps the fight for there freedom
Melo Befriends one of the Kingdom soldiers, Scarlet Bower (Image Below)
Scarlet trains Melo in being a soldier and helps him join the Kingdom's Army

Age 23

Melo quickly climbs the ranks with his skilled archery and Scarlet's continued training
Melo and Scarlet are ordered to lead the assault to reclaim the Nacre Island

Age 22

The Kingdom take back the Nacre Island and set up a military base to secure trade routes
Melo finds the merfolk and the remaining Laurention people
The Laurention people return to the Nacre Island and start to rebuild
Melo makes peace with Tak'kail's family and vows to avenge her death

Age 23

Melo and Scarlet start a romantic relationship
Melo hunts, tortured and kills anyone affiliated with his capture and Tak'kail's death

Age 24

Melo finds the man who is responsible for Tak'kail death, he tortured him extensively and chocks him to death
Scarlet is shocked and scared by Melo's cruelty with his vengeance, she leaves him and transfers to the front lines

Age 25

Melo becomes renown for winning naval battles, gaining rank and the nickname "Fire Pearl" for burning down enemy ships
The Great War ends and Melo retires from the army
Melo donates most of his military earning to rebuilding the Nacre Islands
Melo starts a scavenging business and wonders from port to port

Age 26

Melo starts taking pirate bounties
Melo claims his first pirate bounty and keeps the ship, renaming it Abyssal
Melo settled in (placeholder) city
Melo is reunited with Tristan FellHaven (Image Below) and he joins the Abyssal crew

Age 27

Tristan becomes 1st mate
Guy Fodder (Image Below) joins the Abyssal crew and quickly proves his worth
Melo gets word that Scarlet Bower survived the war

Age 28

Game Starts

The Laurention


Laurention are omnivorous, warmblooded, egg-layers, reptile-like humanoids with an longer lifespan of 125 years. Laurention appearance is very similar to Humans but their muscle tissue is slightly denser, giving great strength and they are taller than humans, averaging 7 to 8 feet. Their skin is scaly and apparently infused with a venom mild enough to be served in drinks, and may cause mild hallucinations in heavy doses.They have five fingers on each hand, albeit with claws and webbed for swiming, there much large feet with claws and a large big toe claw similar to the Velociraptor and a large heavy tail with a fin along the spine for swiming. They poses both lungs and gills, able to breath in and out of water and also have two sets of eyelids, akin to the nictitating membrane possessed by certain reptiles. The inner lid is milky-white and closes from the left and right, while the outer lid is black and closes from top and bottom. Much like humans, Laurention possess the ability to shed tears. Sexual dimorphism among Laurention appears to be roughly analogous to humans. Laurention have a faster and more effective natural healing, able to heal wounds faster than humans and can regrow lost limbs but the process takes years 


Laurention live in a cluster of island in the middle of the ocean named the Nacre Islands. Laurention usually prefer to stay on their colonies rather than travel, which is why few Laurention are seen outside there villages. Laurention are deeply cautious and conservative. Their culture is built on small, tight-knit, family groups, and their conservative nature means the Laurention government is extremely stable. Despite this, they are always welcoming to outsiders. Laurention live in simple huts on the shore and in shallow water


The Laurention government is known as the Courts of Sobek. The Laurention follow the recommendations of their Elders, who spend years poring over ancient records of jurisprudence to determine the precedent that should be followed in any given situation. The Elders record closely argued and minutely detailed instructions on what course to follow in any theoretical crisis. These are filed away in huge deep sea libraries of stone discs and are consulted when needed. This makes Laurention policies very predictable, provided one has done a great deal of research.


Laurention keep family farms of kelp and clams, that they use for trading and have established trade routes with the closest major cites. they also trade in fishing and keep a heavily regulated fishing limits to keep the fish population healthy. charity among the wealthy is common and most people live a comfortable life. the Laurention are the only people who have a working relationship with the Merfolk and will make trades on there behalf.


Laurention's religion is called dacneonity. dacneonity grants absolute and complete freedom of belief and worship. dacneonity conceives the whole world as a single family that deifies the one truth, and therefore it accepts all forms of beliefs and dismisses labels of distinct religions which would imply a division of identity. Hence, dacneonity is devoid of the concepts of apostasy, heresy, and blasphemy. Laurention believe that they have souls separate from their bodies. They see death as a departure from the body, and they also state that a person's body and soul form a Whole. When the soul is traumatized or otherwise disrupted, or the body is ill or injured, a person is no longer Whole. They also believe that their body can be directed as a separate entity from themselves. dacneonity is also polytheistic, with the Laurention having multiple gods whom they pray to in varying situations. This religion include at least three gods: Pakhet, Lord of Hunters; Hathor, Goddess of Motherhood and Protection; and Sobek, Goddess of Oceans and Afterlife.

Nacre Islands

 photo 13012020369f8da7de21037cbe_zps48a4e6b7.jpg

Nacre Islands Egg Nest

 photo 902BCC1B-D3C7-4E1E-993D-387DD1DF55B1_zpsn0bouuk9.jpg


 photo Takkail_zps3d760bb4.jpg

Scarlet Bower

 photo 0C68D72D-4A0D-4CB6-AC5B-3E716F11B853_zpskzbwbjjc.jpg

Tristan FellHaven

 photo B74A141C-9D50-40E5-849D-ECFC830983C3_zpsfv34yyxj.jpg

Guy Fodder

 photo guy_zps4229f299.jpg

Abyssal's flag

 photo FirePearl_zps9ad43850.jpg


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